“Access to finance” is one of the key issues even in today’s DIGITAL world and is one of the key reasons for the failure of enterprises in the agriculture sector (Agripreneurs/Farmpreneurs). Traditional financial institutions (Banks, Micro-Finances etc.) have not been able to meet the needs of “right farmers” in INDIA. 

We are as good as most of you who believes in-

  1. Investing in agriculture is 2 to 4x more effective in tackling poverty (as per the World Bank).
  2. Need to modernize the agriculture sector in big scale; develop agricultural markets, promote exports of agricultural and processed commodities, engage small and marginal farmers. (Source: Financial Express)
  3. Agriculture sector requires business models and solutions that are aligned to practices of CORPORATE & SUCCESSFUL business.
  4. “Our Farmers” can do better and the best job if provided with the necessary support.

Taking a leaf out of very similar work in Africa, we are working on the “PILOT” project to enable people to invest in agricultural projects of their choice and earn profits to realize a sense of earning a profit while supporting farmers financially. Truly, a business model and digital platform with a sense of the social cause of “Financial Inclusivity”.

In Short, GiveYour3 is an initiative and an attempt to develop financial access in agriculture through digital intervention by playing a role of linkage between the 2 aspirational societies –

  • URBAN society, who have started exploring agriculture, farming as an alternative occupation, business and source of income.
  • RURAL society, there is a surge in population, young population (RUBANS) aspiring to do something BIG (not to mention, post-COVID, people have migrated back to their places.


To create a difference that matters to the Rural Society with commitment to 3 “T”s

Time – invest time to solve problems on-ground thru technology, business practices
Tender (Money) – identify young Agripernurs and support them financially
Touch (Involvement) – connect URBAN people to bridge the gap (Urban-Rural)


To become a role model in Agri sector that requires modernization, development of new markets and technology based innovative solutions aligned to practices of CORPORATE & SUCCESSFUL business.


Build a platform to transform young farmers in RURAL INDIA into agripreneuRs and partner with innovative technology solution providers to experiment with newer crops and solutions.